Distance Sales Contract

DISTANCE SALES AGREEMENT ARTICLE 1 PARTIES Seller Title: EARN CAMP BİLİŞİM TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ (hereinafter referred to as "Seller") Authorized Person Transacting on Behalf of Seller Legal Entity: CAN ÖZDEMİR Seller Mersis No: 0323110651800001 Seller Address: Kestel Mah. Yavuz Sultan Selim Cad. Kestel Residance Seller Phone: 5393974081 Seller E-mail: [email protected] 1.2- BUYER Buyer Name-Surname: ________ (hereinafter referred to as "Buyer") Buyer TC: ________ Buyer Address: ________ Buyer Phone: ________

ARTICLE 2 CONTRACT SUBJECT This distance sales contract (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract") is about the determination of the rights and obligations between the buyer and the seller party in accordance with the provisions of the Law No.6502 on the Protection of the Consumer regarding the sale of the service that the buyer wants to buy and whose characteristics are specified below.

ARTICLE 3-PROPERTIES OF THE SERVICE SUBJECT TO THE CONTRACT, FEE AND PAYMENT 3.1- The features of the service subject to the contract are as follows: One-year access to the platform 3.2- The contract price has been decided by the parties as ________ (________) Turkish lira, including all taxes. The receiving party must pay the agreed amount within ________ days. Otherwise, the seller is obliged to perform the agreed service. It has been decided to pay the contract price with the following payment method: ________

ARTICLE 4- PERFORMANCE PLACE AND DELIVERY METHOD OF THE CONTRACT The contract is deemed to have come into force upon the approval of the buyer. With the performance of the service purchased by the buyer from the seller, the seller fulfills his debt. The address where the contractual service will be performed is as follows: Fulfillment Address: ________

ARTICLE 5-EXPENSES REGARDING THE PERFORMANCE OF THE SERVICE The expenses related to the performance of the service subject to the contract belong to the buyer. The execution of the contract is carried out by the seller within a maximum of ________ days with the payment of the contract price by the buyer to the seller. If the buyer does not pay the agreed price within ________ days of signing the contract, the obligation of the seller to perform is removed.

In the INTERNET SITE, the privacy rules-policy and conditions, whose current principles are set forth below, are valid for the protection, confidentiality, processing-use and communications and other issues. 6.1. The necessary precautions for the security of the information and transactions entered by the BUYER on the INTERNET SITE have been taken in the system infrastructure of the SELLER, according to the nature of the information and transaction, within the scope of today's technical facilities. However, since the information in question is entered from the BUYER device, it is the responsibility of the BUYER to take the necessary measures, including those related to viruses and similar harmful applications, in order to be protected by the BUYER and not to be accessed by unrelated persons. 6.2. SELLER's membership to the INTERNET SITE and the information obtained during the purchases of the SELLER, all kinds of information, advertisement-promotion, promotion, sales, marketing, store card, credit card and membership applications with the Earn Camp within the group companies in which the SELLER is a member. For commercial-social communications, it can be recorded, stored in printed / magnetic archives, updated, shared, transferred, transferred, used and processed in other forms, if necessary, with those specified and their successors indefinitely or for a period of time to be foreseen. These data can also be transmitted to the relevant Authorities and Courts when required by law. The BUYER consents and gives permission for the use, sharing, processing and the making of non-commercial and non-commercial electronic communications and other communications, in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data and the legislation on the protection of personal data, of existing and new information. 6.3. The BUYER can always stop data usage-processing and / or communications by reaching the SELLER through the specified communication channels. According to the BUYER's explicit notification on this matter, personal data transactions and / or communications to its party are suspended within the legal maximum period; In addition, if he wishes, his information other than legally required and / or possible shall be deleted from the data recording system or anonymised in an anonymous way. If the BUYER wishes, the transactions related to the processing of personal data, the persons to whom it is transferred, correction in case of incomplete or incorrect information, notification of the corrected information to the relevant third parties, deletion or destruction of the data, objection to the occurrence of a result against him by automatic systems, the data is against the law. You can always apply to the SELLER through the above communication channels and get information on issues such as compensation in case of damage due to processing. Applications and requests regarding these issues will be fulfilled within the legal maximum periods or may not be accepted by explaining the legal justification to the party. 6.4. Regarding all kinds of information and content of the INTERNET SITE and their arrangement, revision and partial / complete use; Except for those belonging to other third parties according to the SELLER's agreement; All intellectual and industrial rights and property rights belong to the SELLER. 6.5. The SELLER reserves the right to make any changes it may deem necessary in the above matters; These changes are valid from the moment they are announced by the SELLER on the INTERNET SITE or through other appropriate methods. 6.6. The privacy-security policies and terms of use apply to other sites accessed through the INTERNET SITE, and the SELLER is not responsible for any disputes and negative consequences that may arise.

ARTICLE 7 - FORCE MAJEURE Situations that were not present or foreseen at the time of signing the contract, developed beyond the control of the parties, and whose emergence prevent one or both of the parties from fulfilling their obligations and obligations imposed by the contract in part or in full or from fulfilling them at the agreed time are considered as force majeure. In the event of force majeure (natural disaster, war, terrorism, riot, amended legislation provisions, seizure, strike, lockout, significant malfunction in production facilities), the party that fails to fulfill its contractual debt due to force majeure will immediately notify the other party. ARTICLE 8 - RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES The Consumer Arbitration Committee in the place where the buyer purchases the service or where the seller's residence is located, and the Consumer Courts are authorized for the settlement of disputes arising from this contract, up to the value declared by the Ministry of Customs and Trade. District or provincial consumer arbitration committees are authorized for consumer demands in line with the lower and upper limits specified in article 68 of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No.6502. CONTRACT SIGNATURE DATE: ________ BUYER SIGNATURE SELLER SIGNATURE